Catalonia - Mediterranean Coast

We search for our vineyards by traveling, researching, tasting, and crafting until we identify, classify, and select the best locations. We believe in native grape varieties. We continue to explore because our journey with Catalan wines has only just begun.

We work hand in hand with grape growers from various areas of the Catalan Coast, cultivating small plots.


Catalonia - Mediterranean Coast

Catalonia graces the northeastern coast of Spain along the Mediterranean, renowned for its diverse wine offerings encompassing reds, whites, and sparklings. Notable wine-producing areas include the Penedès region, celebrated for its sparkling wines, and the Priorat region, famed for its robust reds.

Benefiting from a Mediterranean climate, Catalonia enjoys an extended growing season, fostering the development of grapes with rich flavors and captivating aromas. The region boasts indigenous grape varieties like Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Cariñena, integral in crafting wines with distinctive traits—ranging from the robust reds of Priorat to the crisp, fruity whites originating in Penedès.


Catalonia - Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean Sea, cradle of cultures, is the force that shaped viticulture in Catalonia under the same sun and wind. A distinctly sweet and Mediterranean climate where the air carries the scents of the sea, pine trees, holm oaks, fennel, and rosemary. Exceptional natural conditions and a geographical location allow us to craft wines that are fresh and elegant.


Catalonia - Mediterranean Coast

Wine has been intertwined with the land in Catalonia since the Phoenicians, and ever since, it has been ingrained in our culture through a tradition that has withstood the test of time.

Priorat: The terroir of Priorat, known for its slate soil, called “licorella,” contributes to powerful and complex red wines. This unique soil, combined with altitude and a Mediterranean climate, imparts intense mineral expression, firm structure, and mature fruity notes to the wines.

Montsant: The diversity of soils in Montsant, ranging from clays to limestones, is reflected in the breadth of its wines. This varied terroir, along with maritime influences and altitude, brings balance to the red wines, showcasing vibrant fruits, soft tannins, and a fresh and expressive character.

Conca de Barberà: The terroir of Conca de Barberà, characterized by limestone soils and a continental climate, stands out for the freshness and elegance in its white wines. Moderate altitude and the influence of sea breezes result in vibrant whites with pronounced acidity, highlighting floral and citrus notes.

Garraf: The coastal terroir of Garraf, with limestone soils and the influence of the Mediterranean, is reflected in refreshing white wines and Mediterranean-style red wines. White wines exhibit bright acidity and saline notes, while reds showcase fresh red fruits and soft tannins, conveying the essence of the maritime climate.