In search of authenticity: wines with soul, vineyards with history.

Lectores Vini

The beginning of a story with Catalonia and its wines, still with many pages left to be written. Lectores Vini emerges from our desire to craft fresh and authentic wines, born out of a passion for the land and indigenous grape varieties. Wines with minimal intervention in Catalonia’s privileged locations, touched by the grace of the Mediterranean sea.

Our mission? The pursuit and revival of historic vineyards and their indigenous grape varieties, along with the preservation of the region’s landscape, architecture, and culture. We aim to express the unique essence of each grape and terroir.

We are vineyard specialists first

We're Mediterranean

Lectores Vini is an innovative winemaking endeavor established in 2016 by Fredi Torres. Shaped by his global experiences as a house music DJ, Fredi, joined by friend Ollivier JACQ, we passionately create exceptional wines from organically nurtured vineyards across Catalonia. Our commitment to unique grape varieties and diverse terroirs is beautifully expressed in each bottle—a testament to the essence of southern Catalonia.

Fredi Torres

Flying Winemaker

Ollivier Jacq

Wine Explorer

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